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On Friday, 1/25/19 - 8:11 AM, The Commish wrote:

Just making sure this thing still works...

On Tuesday, 6/19/18 - 12:46 PM, Donald Trump wrote:

Is this Twitter? I'm sitting in bed hammering down quarter pounders and the grease on my phone is making it tough to see which social media platform I'm currently using to Make America Great Again. Ok it's Twitter. Here goes: "Build the wall out of the corpses of Mexican kids we 'accidentally' starve after we tear them away from their immigrant parents." Yee Haw!!

On Monday, 2/5/18 - 9:25 AM, The Commish wrote:

I thought he was playing in Phoenix but he didn't. I might as well have picked him instead of all the bums I did pick that missed the cut.

On Monday, 1/29/18 - 8:46 AM, The Commish wrote:

Anyone got a big enough sack to pick Tiger in the first week?

On Saturday, 5/20/17 - 7:30 PM, The Commish wrote:

Does this thing still work?

Sure it does.

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On Monday, 4/11/16 - 2:53 PM, The Commish wrote:

Unfortunately The DeChambeau did not turn pro until after The Masters. He wouldn't have been eligible to play if he were a pro, since the U.S. Amateur champ has to still be an Am to use his Masters exemption. He got a nice trophy, but alas no cash. The $112k he would have won if he had been a pro (and in some other way eligible to play) would have moved Andrew up a couple spots in the Pool standings, but it wouldn't have been enough to move Mike M. into 1st place. I think he's a good pick for the Heritage this week, though. And he will be a pro.

Lesson: don't pick amateurs in the Rule 20-6 Golf Pool. They don't win cash, no matter how well they play.

On Friday, 4/8/16 - 8:31 AM, The Dechambeau wrote:

I object to the claims that a Bryson pick is a useless one. He is turning pro the minute the last putt drops on Sunday (I'm predicting a made cut). And will therefore collect his check at the same time as the other competitors. If he wins, he will collect 1.7m or whatever it is and if he's last he shall gather $20,000. Either way he is getting paid just like every other player who will make the cut. He declared his intentions a few months ago and thus will be paid in US Dollars. I'm calling a top 5

On Tuesday, 3/10/15 - 6:06 PM, The Commish wrote:

The rule additions passed with nine yes votes, four apparently abstaining. The new rules have been added to the Rules of Play. I'll try to think of all these possible situations in the off-season so I won't have to bother you all with this administrative crap next season.

On Thursday, 2/26/15 - 11:48 AM, The Commish wrote:

Please vote on a proposed addition to the Rules of Play. Everything is spelled out on the "This Week's Poll" page, under the "Diversions" tab on the main menu. You can also get there from a link on your Players Page.


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On Wednesday, 1/14/15 - 11:20 AM, The Commish wrote:

It's no longer tentative, it's definite. Time to get your golf pool on!

On Saturday, 10/4/14 - 6:41 AM, The Commish wrote:

The tentative 2015 schedule is listed on the Calendar page (under the Information Menu). Page through each month to see which tournaments I propose we play. Rule 20-6 events are in red. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know. (NOTE: I added a summary below the Google calendar).

On Sunday, 6/8/14 - 9:30 PM, The Commish wrote:

This thing doesn't get much use. Though the spammers sure like it.

On Thursday, 1/9/14 - 11:25 AM, The Commish wrote:

Oh yea, it's about that time again...

On Monday, 4/15/13 - 7:39 PM, dave b wrote:

Actually 3 for 4 hugh picked the 1st tournament

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On Sunday, 3/3/13 - 7:33 AM, The Commish wrote:

Thanks for spotting us a tournament, Dave. We needed it!

On Friday, 3/1/13 - 10:43 PM, dave b wrote:

is that really a zero!! frees up the weekend.

On Friday, 1/4/13 - 10:24 AM, The Commish wrote:

It's Time to Get Your Golf Pool On!

On Sunday, 8/12/12 - 7:46 PM, dave a wrote:

What a great Major for Rory!!! and for me:)

On Saturday, 6/16/12 - 8:16 PM, The Rule 20-6 Insider wrote:

Fluff just walked over to Tiger's caddy and said,"holy shit dude, I am so high right now..."

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On Saturday, 4/21/12 - 11:32 AM, John S. wrote:

Fuck Texas.

On Sunday, 3/11/12 - 8:39 PM, brett wrote:

having bubba as my unique and my tourney hopes riding on him i began to gag with every shot as he did. his swing was out of rythym, feet off the ground, balls flying into areas that the grounds crew has not seen in years. almost reminded me of my high school golf days. the last time i saw such a pathetic look of defeat was in a poker game years ago when my opponent bet his K5 chevy blazer on 4 dueces only to be bested by my 4 kings. well at least big bubba didnt break down and cry. he also got paid which is more than i can say for myself. stats dont lie bubba now 1 for 7 when leading on saturday. see you all next tourney.

On Sunday, 3/11/12 - 3:48 PM, The Commish wrote:

Tough call there. Gump is a machine-type golfer, same nut-crunching swing every time, just like on the range. No need to have to think. Bubba probably also hits his shots on the course just like on the range, but because he can't focus on anything more than 3 seconds, every shot on the range is different, as on the course. Not capable of thinking. But the deciding factor: his name is Bubba. Gotta go with the guy named Bubba.

On Sunday, 3/11/12 - 11:11 AM, Hugh wrote:

Who's dumber, Dustin Gump or current Doral leader Bubba Watson?

On Sunday, 2/26/12 - 10:42 AM, The Commish wrote:

That is exactly what he's got. See holes #7 & #8 Sunday at Pebble Beach. A hooded yank left, then next hole he twitched the face open and missed right. He's too much in the fingers with his grip, but mainly it's in his head as the yips always are. He's fucked until he calls Steve L. for a long putter lesson.

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On Sunday, 2/26/12 - 10:06 AM, Hugh wrote:

Tiger putting just doesn't look bad, it looks like he's getting the yips.

On Thursday, 2/23/12 - 3:15 PM, Hugh wrote:

The site looks good this year Smitty, and I loved the cigar guy pictures on the other stuff page.

On Wednesday, 1/25/12 - 7:36 PM, Eldrick wrote:

2012........The year where Tiger May Care Pool will have meaning again.

On Sunday, 1/8/12 - 9:01 PM, Brian Gurzynski wrote:

Happy New Year to all contestants and good luck in this year's pool.

On Sunday, 12/25/11 - 10:55 AM, jns wrote:

Damn, this site looks good on the kindle fire.

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On Tuesday, 7/5/11 - 5:39 AM, The Commish wrote:

New things on the "Other Stuff" page! Click the link from the menu at the top of the page.

On Friday, 4/22/11 - 10:39 PM, The Commish wrote:

You may have noticed a few "boner medicine" ads on here lately. I just deleted about 40 of them. The evil robots that roam the internet think this is a message board (which I guess it is) and when those things find one they post their worthless advertisements. Links won't work on here, which makes them very obnoxious to look out. Unfortunately they will continue to show up from time to time, unless I incorporate a captia when entering posts. I will try to delete them when they appear. Sorry.

On Monday, 4/18/11 - 7:54 AM, Adam Scott wrote:

The Champions dinner next year will be catered by Duffy's, allowing all of you to choose which fine cuisine you would like to enhale. AND instead of 2 for 1 drinks, it's 4 for 1. Sponsorship is great.

On Tuesday, 4/12/11 - 12:52 AM, The Commi wrote:

Adam Scott, hell of a pick. Good job picking up that first major! What's on the menu for the Champions dinner next year?

On Sunday, 4/10/11 - 10:54 PM, The Mich wrote:

I took two weeks off to prepare for Augusta. Although after Round 2 many counted me out, my long putter and I never gave up, never lost faith. Preparation is the key to majors, that and dumping the last two letters of your first name.

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On Friday, 4/8/11 - 6:22 PM, jns wrote:

I did away with all the sounds this year. I do miss the Masters theme. I almost put it back on the homepage for this week, but went with the 'Ken Burns' style pictures instead. I have the .mp3 file if anyone wants it, email me and I'll send it to you.

On Thursday, 4/7/11 - 8:22 PM, Dave B. wrote:

How do you get the music to play on the website?

On Friday, 3/18/11 - 11:08 PM, The Commish wrote:

Two days in a row of watching basketball 12+ hours straight... awesome.

See the "Other Stuff" page and check out the link to Dave A.'s acting debut.

On Wednesday, 3/2/11 - 2:44 PM, Tiger Woods wrote:

I demand money, and lots of it, for the use of my name in your "Tiger May Care" pool. And I will have you know I DO care, especially when it involves money. Such a blatant misuse of my good name will require serious remuneration, seven figures at least. I expect a check within the week or I'll have to turn Stevie loose on your sorry asses.

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On Wednesday, 3/2/11 - 1:36 PM, The Commish wrote:

I wrote and put up this Wall or "message board" pretty much just to see if I could. Use it however you want.

It's pretty simple. You must type something in both boxes or you will get a pop-up error message. After you have a name and message entered and click the post button, a pop-up with what you typed will appear. Click ok to post it or cancel to edit. Once ok is clicked in the confirm box there are no takebacks. It will show up on the page.

I don't care if the posts are golf or pool related or not. Pretty much anything goes. You don't even have to use your real name. Let's avoid personal attacks against other pool players, but personal attacks against golfers are encouraged and I'll be disappointed if I don't see any.

I'll probably check this just about every time I'm on the site, so if you have a question or comment and don't feel like emailing it, leave it here.

If you experience any problems with this page, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks.

Have fun.